Never before has condensation become such a contributing factor in roofing emergency repair callouts in Ireland. More often than not the homeowner/complainant may report the dampness as a leak in the roof, as it often appears similar.

However, diagnosing condensation in itself can be complex and involves, thorough examination of the roof, attic space and interior rooms. Some things to consider when detecting condensation are:

  • Was the home re-insulated of late?
  • Did an attic conversion take place, to include additional insulation?
  • Where the windows upgraded recently?
  • Has there been a recent increase in occupants within the home, or working from home more frequently?
  • Is the current ventilation obstructed?

There may be other factors to consider and thus recognising the need for good adequate ventilation is of utmost importance in an ever changing climate. At Rainline Roofing Products Ltd We offer free expert advice on preventative methods involving Condensation.

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