Over the past decade we’ve seen a rapid rise in the use of Cold applied Liquid PU systems being used in both new and refurbishment roofing projects. Most manufacturers offer similar products, although some better performing than others. However, in the case of polyurethane applied roofing systems they truly deserve the recognition of being a premium waterproofing alternative.

The endorsement of such systems allows for the application on most roofing substrates, subject to preparation. Due to its allowance for its expansion and contraction tolerances, it can out-perform fibreglass roofing systems in certain circumstances.

Furthermore, more awareness should be taking in the use of PU liquids in replace of marketed acrylic repair products. For instance, in the likely event of repairing valleys, all acrylic based products dissipate very fast when used as opposed to polyurethane based liquid.

Although polyurethane systems may not be the best option for every roofing project, it does have boundless development potential in Ireland. At Rainline Roofing Products Ltd. we have introduced Rainpol Liquid Roof System as our own brand alternative to the Irish market. We seek to build a fully cold applied system that has been tried and tested along the way, in order to learn it’s abilities and tolerances. Full practical and technical support on installation is available from Rainline Roofing Products upon request. For a free no obligation site survey/quotation call or email us on 01-5645183/sales@rainline.ie